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Reach out to Marius de Wet, our CFO (mdewet@epdtechnologies.com) to learn about our investment and licensing offerings opportunities.


EPD has thus far been funded by the founders, but it has become clear that external investment is required to commercialize the technology.
The commercial imperative of EPD as an investment opportunity is undeniable. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for rapid host identification to safeguard society against an exponential growth in infections. It is not the first, nor the last pandemic on this planet.

10 of the Worst Pandemics in History Death Toll
Antonine Plague, Roman Empire (165-180) 5–10 million
Plague of Justinian (Europe and West-Asia), 541-542 25–100 million (40–50% of population of Europe)
Black Death (1346–1353) 75–200 million (10–60% of European population)
1520 Mexico smallpox epidemic 5–8 million (40% of population)
Cocoliztli Epidemic, Mexico (1545–1548) 5–15 million (80% of population)
Third plague pandemic 12 million+ in India and China alone
1918 influenza pandemic ('Spanish flu') 17–100 million
HIV/AIDS pandemic 32 million+ (23.6–43.8 million)
2009 swine flu pandemic 284,000 (possible range 151,700-575,400)
COVID-19 pandemic 837,979 (as of 28 August 2020)

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_epidemics, accessed 29 Aug 2020
We are actively looking for investors to commercialize the technology.


We believe that licencing the technology to entrepreneurs is an important step in commercialising the technology. It offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs with local knowledge and know-how to negotiate offtake contracts with commercial targets, such as airlines, airport companies, factories and governments.

The scanning output is in Traffic-Light format (Red / Green) and can be used to identify individuals posing risks to others. For example, a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility can be contaminated by a single A-Symptomatic carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but a scanner at the entrance gate can identify at-risk individuals.

We are prepared to license companies to perform commercial scanning and would welcome engagement with experienced entrepreneurs.